Friday, 20 June 2008

The Wrong to Die

Should social reformers be law abiding citizens?

Do the people trying to change our society's values respect the structures and fabric of our society?

Isn't it too harsh to lay criminal charges against someone who assists a suicide (whatever that means)?

Without getting into all the rights and wrongs of euthanasia. Without trying to get into this particular case. Let's just have a look at the attitude the activists display toward the laws of the countries we live in.

A Sydney Morning Herald article discusses the guilty verdict brought against two women who played a part in the death of their husband and friend. The following comment comes from a significant person in the euthanasia camp:

Outside the court, Dr Nitschke said that his organisation Exit International would now be warning its members to "tread very carefully" and hold workshops for people with Alzheimer's disease to inform them about how to get around the implications of today's decision.

The courts have laid down a ruling, and will we abide by that? No, we'll show people how to get around it.

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