Wednesday, 26 March 2008

What Is It They Really Want?

Secular tolerance only works one way. Try to convince me otherwise.

Why is the "Hunky Jesus" competition okay? Hunky Jesus Competition

What is it that they are trying to prove? Why on Easter Sunday? Why the Hunky Jesus? Why not the Hunky Guy, or the Hunky Historical Character, or Hunky Famous Person Competition?

How does this "promote universal joy and expiate stigmatic guilt" or are they trying to achieve something else here. Isn't this a plain and simple act of mockery of Christians. So much for the gay lobby just wanting acceptance and equal opportunity, there's another agenda here.

Or is it "Heterophobia" in its correct meaning - fear of the other. Or perhaps a word that avoids confusion might be xenophobia - fear of the different.

Human kind, at it's worst, has always feared, and so mocked and abused those who are different. Has always turned the different into 'the enemy'. In this case, you don't even have to be different, just disagree, then immediately you are an object of mockery.

Well, join the queue. Christians have been mocked, abused, persecuted, arrested, spat on, vilified for the two thousand years of our history. In fact we've come to expect it, because it happened to our Lord back in the beginning. That first Good Friday Jesus was mocked then, abused and unfairly tried and executed unlawfully under an unjust system.

Be careful, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, you are in danger of losing your special politically correct status as endangered species and protected minority. You have just joined the establishment, the vast mass of peoples, kings, rulers, commoners, men of the street who have mocked the Lord. From the Roman Governor to the Russian political machine to the spitting soldier, now we have the Hunky Jesus Competition. All in the name of joy and freedom from guilt.

Yeah, Right. If you poke the other guy's eye out, maybe you'll look better.

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