Friday, 21 March 2008

Something Wrong Here

This quote is supposed to come from Bin Laden,

A voice meant to be bin Laden's said: "You went overboard in your unbelief and freed yourselves of the etiquettes of dispute and fighting and went to the extent of publishing these insulting drawings, this is the greatest misfortune and the most dangerous."

Sydney Morning Herald March 2008

There's something wrong with Bin Laden talking about the etiquette of dispute. The secular press print some cartoons, insulting cartoons admittedly, but just cartoons. Words and pictures. A newspaper prints some cartoons and 50 people are killed around the world in reprisals, err, 'protests'.

Muslim 'protestors' kill 50 people around the world, including nuns and aid workers to prove that Muslims are not terrorists, as those vile cartoons suggested.
If the turban fits…

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