Monday, 25 February 2008

The Importance of Appearance

I have long been the kind of bloke who dosen't care much about my appearance. And I have never really cared much what others thought of my appearance. I mostly just can't be bothered.

But I've changed my mind, thanks to the Archbishoip of Canterbury. Recently Rowan Williams made statements on English Radio more or less in favour of Sharia law in England. One of the blogs I read carried a picture of him. When I saw the picture something clicked for me. With his unkempt beard, unclipped hair, spectacles and befuddled expression, I at once thought, "No wonder he speaks nonsense, he even looks confused."

A good hair cut and a whisker trim would help him to look much more credible. Of course what he says would still be that curious mix of the uninteligible and the unacceptable that he is becoming reknowned for.

What's Wrong With What the Archbishop Said

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