Thursday, 20 November 2008

Cordoba's Feelin' Fine

My mate Lou and I put together a little song for Ellie. We are praying for you all and hope you will be able to trust in God's goodness as you move yet again. We love you all.

You can download the video here or watch it on Youtube, the words are below.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Cordoba's feelin' fine.

One, two, three, four, fine, all the kids in the car so come on let's drive
To the- new city called Cordoba.
The folks say they want to pack and move but I really don't wanna -
Feels like I been here one week.
I wanna stay here I've moved a heap.
like Croydon, Lidcombe, even Argentina.
And as I continue, it's now a new city.
So what can I do? I wanna trust you my Lord.
To me moving is getting kinda old.
But Jesus Christ, He's So good. Let me Trust Him.
Help me to trust him.

A little bit of Penrith where we start,
Then we move back to Croydon Park
A little stay at Lidcombe, that big house
Wait for Argentina in Dundas
Then we went to B.A. a dingy flat
Now behind the church is where we're at
Now it seems Cordoba's the new plan
That's OK with us we're in his hand

Cordoba's feelin' fine

Got up, went down and travelled all around.
Adventures we have found, we've covered lots of ground.
The places we've left, to do what's right.
Out the front gate or out the side.
Pack your bags once and pack your bags twice
We did all this cause we're following Christ.

A little bit...

Trust him,
I trust Him
Cordoba's feelin' fine, ha, ha, ha.

A little bit...

I do all to do what Jesus wants me to.
So movin's fine or we'll stay a while
Now Cordoba is feelin' fine

Cordoba's feelin' fine

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