Thursday, 10 July 2008


In the last Briefing Peter Bolt asked whether western society was able to make ethical decisions anymore. It certainly seems that some law courts are unable to deal with ethical crimes.

In Wisconsin three men attempted to dig up a week old body in order to have sex with it. Sydney Morning Herald The state of Wisconsin finds itself in the tricky situation where everyone finds it icky and gross and wants to prosecute but the law doesn't allow the prosecutors to just simply say it's wrong.

The men are being charged for 'attempted sexual assault' because the victim did not given consent. I quote from the Sydney Morning Herald article.

"In today's 5-2 decision, the high court said Wisconsin law makes sex acts with dead people illegal because they are unable to give consent."

This is a fairly convoluted and uncertain way to get a conviction on a crime that most of the population instinctively know to be wrong. It reminds me of the stories of the middle ages where a pig or chicken would be put on trial.

I think it's ridiculous that the only way the legal system can prosecute these guys is by asserting that the corpse didn't give consent. I can see the fingerprints of moral relativism all over this farce. In the wake of the alternative gender revolution we have lost the ability to apply discernment and common sense to moral questions. Consent has become the only measure of morality, but it is inadequate. Destructive sexual patterns are OK if the people consent.

What if a deceased person leaves a written consent for their partner to have sex with their corpse. What does the law do then. It's obviously OK?

Don't say it won't happen. Ten years ago you would have said bestiality and sexual cannibalism would never happen. Who would think being consentual adults would make incest alright.

It's time to bring back right and wrong.

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