Thursday, 27 March 2008

Get Rich Quick - Guarranteed

I notice another get rich quick scheme has recently been launched.
While I'm all for get rich quick schemes, I have just a couple of problems. You never really know whether one will succeed. And they all involve such hard work.
So I have developed this scheme which I am willing to share with you. You know this scheme will work because you have seen it work so many times before.
Here it is:
1) Forget all that investing and working and financial planning.
2) Write a self help book "How to get rich quick for dummies" or suimilar.
3) Sit back and watch the royalties come in. Maybe you could study to be a plastic surgeon on-line while you wait.
4) Send me 15% of all royalties you receive for your book, and 15% of all the 15% that your readers send you, and 15% of the 15% of...
5) Do your own plastic surgery and move to Majorca

It will work if you believe in it - trust me.

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