Wednesday, 19 March 2008

All prostitution is abuse

I think it's as terrible as anybody else.

Recent allegations of routine engagement of underage aboriginal girls as prostitutes by truck drivers are under investigation. Sydney Morning Herald story here.

It should be investigated, by the police, perhaps. It is shocking. But what I want to know is why is this so shocking?
Is it because the girls are under age?
Or because they are aboriginal?
Or both?

I'm not saying it's not terrible, But can't you see, all prostitution is terrible.

I recently read an article by Emma who works as a support and outreach worker with Hope Street, an urban ministry in Sydney. She says this:

"Up to 97% of the women we work with were sexually abused as children, have been in violent relationships, and all sex workers experience horrific physical violence from clients."

97%!! Prostitution of any kind is abuse. Prostitution of a consenting adult is often just a continuation of the abuse received as a child. Why is there no outrage over this? Is this OK? Or are the "common garden variety" prostitutes not worth worrying about.

As long as it is legal to run a brothel, as long as it is socially acceptable for a man to visit a prostitute, as long as people continue to look the other way, as long as this dysfunctional industry continues to be glamourised by movies like "Pretty Woman", as long as these continue, girls will continue to be abused.
Some of them will be aboriginal.
Some of them will be under age.
Some of the 'clients' will be truck drivers, far from home, tired, lonely, and told that it's OK.

It's not OK is it.

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